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At Tuist, we embrace the spirit of open source by inviting diverse ideas and contributions from people around the world. From the outset, we've dedicated resources to ensure Tuist is a welcoming project for everyone, guiding them from their initial idea to a meaningful contribution. This commitment has made Tuist a uniquely humane project.

Whether you are joining Tuist as a contributor or an employee, here are the values we cherish:

  • Be Nice: Kindness and respect are the foundations of a healthy community. We are all humans and should treat each other accordingly.
  • Be Thankful: Every contribution is valuable, whether it's a small typo fix or a major feature. Always express gratitude for the efforts of others.
  • Be Empathetic: We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Practice empathy and understanding, and never assume bad intentions.
  • Be Supportive: Help each other. Offer assistance when you see someone struggling and acknowledge great work with a shoutout.
  • Be Calm: The best ideas come from a calm mind. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, take a break. Communicate any issues that are causing stress.
  • Be Honest: Honesty builds trust, which in turn drives motivation. Always be truthful and transparent.

At Tuist, we don't subscribe to the "move fast and break things" philosophy. Instead, we believe in moving thoughtfully to create long-lasting, joyful projects. We provide a safe space for our users and contributors, inspiring and motivating them to build great things. This is the essence of being a calm company.

Productivity, creativity, and vision

Great ideas need time and space to develop; there are no shortcuts. When we rush, like a horse with blinders, we lose sight of the bigger picture. At Tuist, we don't focus on a finish line because we believe in the endless journey of creating a top-notch productivity platform for app developers.

Fostering a culture of calmness is essential to crafting the best version of Tuist. It allows us to identify needs, cross-pollinate ideas from various ecosystems, tinker, have fun, and share insights with others. This intentional pace ensures we nurture creativity and vision, leading to innovative and thoughtful solutions. So yes, we intentionally move slow.